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Coming up next – EXAMS!!!

By on Sep 15, 2006 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Readers have been pretty short-changed for the past few weeks I know, having to read email forward after email forward after email forward… That’s because I’ve been really busy with so many competitions that I really haven’t got much time to get some GOOD posts up on my blog. Aw, I’d planned SO much, and I simply don’t find time for all that now…

Anyway, even those plans have to be shelved off now, since my half-yearly exams are coming up in school. Now although they don’t really count, since only the final term results are considered, but still I can’t bear flunking. Which is EXACTLY what I think is going to happen to me, since I haven’t been able to attend classes at school for about three weeks because of different competitions (it was quizzing season last month…), and now there’s hardly any time left to catch. And there you have me, very responsible student that I am, spending time writing all this for posting online when I should be STUDYING.

The DPS VK Quiz Club website, which I created, now is (fully?) up and running, and get a fair share of visitors daily. Got new features now, like comments and ratings. Also, the file server has been shifted from FileFront to our main site, after I got loads of complaints that they were unable to download from the other one. Members too have uploaded their profiles, although some haven’t submitted yet. Expect those to come in only after the exams. Has anyone noticed though that except mine, hardly any members’ profile has anything substantial on quizzing? That’s got me worried, because although they may be talented, they’re short on experience. Bringing them up to a competitive level would be a major task for me after the exams.

In fact, I’d have my hands full then. I’m planning to conduct ‘phase tests’ for the members, to keep them on their toes. I’ll also have to conduct some inter-section/inter-class quizzes to show to Ye Olde Managemente that I am doing some work. Just in case you thought that was all, I also have to work on redesigning the school website (frankly, it’s pathetic right now), AND I’m probably going to make the school bands’ website as well. That’s apart from maintaining the Quiz Club site, and helping the 3Cs in developing theirs. I only have myself to ‘blame’ I guess, since I sparked off this website-making spree, and actually lobbied with the school to have its website changed.

Silly me. Off to study (momentarily) now…

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