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New member – MJ

By on Sep 16, 2006 in On A Whim | 6 comments

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Oh, so we’ve a new member around here (finally…I sent the invite AGES ago), MJ. Now children, don’t panic, it’s not someone plastic and harmful for you like Michael Jackson, but I guess she’s equally wacko (sort of…) by her own confession. Yes, she. Another girl member. New perspectives? Hope so, because Supersonic Aviatrix seems to have taken a holiday from this blog at least.

MJ is among THE most talented in quizzing I’ve ever known, except for the fact that she never GOES for quiz contests, let alone participate in any. Got a real good grasp of totally useless knowledge (must confess that very few people I know have reached that level), which is pretty much what’s thrown at in quiz contests. But doesn’t bring these skills to use. The reason? She is also among the LAZIEST people I’ve ever known, and certainly would give Garfield a run for his money in that department if she ever decides to become a cartoon character.

Got a good (non)sense of humor too, so appreciates mine too; and is a big fan of Schumi (heartbroken due to his decision to retire though; yes it’s really sad that he wants to hang up his boots so soon…). Pretty varied tastes in music – how many of you have heard of Harry Belafonte? Well, that should tell you about the diverse music taste I guess.

Started her own blog recently, Cloudy Musings, do visit it and muddle up your thoughts (not much to muddle up now though…). Dunno how long this blog will exist, since going by her lazy attitude I fully expect it to be abandoned. Ok, kidding maybe she won’t, but well, let’s see…

Oh, and in case I forget, someone with an above-average techxpertise – generally don’t come across girls having that. I HEREBY INDEMNIFY MYSELF HERE BY STATING IT’S NOT TO HURT ANYONE’S SENTIMENTS, SO PLEASE DON’T FLAME ME.

I guess that’s about it.


  1. Cloudy Musings

    September 17, 2006

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    Quite right!! But i’ll try to keep my blog updated….

  2. supersonic_aviatrix

    September 18, 2006

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    am still in andaman.sorry show..;D..kiddin..i hardly do up my own blog….and you KNOW how PATHETIC i am these things…tech etc.blargh. Though really nice to have a fellow female member..:D!! hey there MJ!!!! A warm welcome!!:D

  3. Great Quizzard

    September 18, 2006

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    Andaman…hahahahah…that’s rich. :D Nice getaway from exams though. And, well, yes, I’m aware of the fact that you ARE pathetic at tech, showed me (all you guys in fact) that day in the meeting. But I don’t mind pathetic comments too, really, since that’s all that I generally leave on people’s blogs. Hahahaha. ANY comment would do you know, this blog NEEDS a community, and a following. Most people seems to be shunning commenting here because it seems to be an info-loaded blog (which it is). Even it looks that way. Sat down to change the template, but I simply COULDN’T bear to part with this.

  4. Rockie_leonhart

    September 20, 2006

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    namaste ankur busy r u and y da hell didnt u put our cbqc video on filefront lolz anyways maine jo kuch freewebs main bataya tha kam aaya ki nahin bol nice qc site though

  5. Great Quizzard

    September 20, 2006

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    Hell yaar, I know I gotta upload the video bas time hi nahi mil raha hai. And thanks for the QC compliment!

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