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DPSVK HYE 06 – Physics

By on Sep 20, 2006 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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The half-yearly exams are here! And I had my first one today, physics. And well, um, I wouldn’t say it went really well, but sort if average is more closer to the point. I’ve got 54/70, sources on the inside tell me, but that’s really terrible by my standards. Most people were discussing though that the paper was lengthy and most were expecting around 50s, but I expected around 60. Messed up because I ran out of time, I think I was a bit slow to start off with. On top of that, I was interrupted quite a few times, mid-exam (imagine!) over a quiz contest* to be conducted on 24th September (Sunday). That did make me lose my focus, apart from slowing me down. Couldn’t they have just contacted me later?

*Heritage India Quiz 2006 – more on that later.

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