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DPSVK HYE 06 – English; and Heri Quiz 06 online test

By on Sep 22, 2006 in Personal | 0 comments

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Well, frankly, I was so engrossed in trying to get a team for the Heritage India Quiz 2006 that I didn’t sit down to study for this exam before 9.30 p.m. the day before. On top of it, hadn’t really attended the classes for quite a few chapters. I was practically looking at some chapters for the first time that night.

No problem at all though. It was a really easy paper, and not at all lengthy (our teacher kept on, unsuccessfully for me at least, tried to keep scaring us into the fact that it’d be ‘very lengthy’). I finished about 45 minutes early, that too napping a bit in between and discussing ‘more things’ with teachers about the Heri Quiz. Questions were really very simple indeed. And after finishing early, went off to the I-lab for some ‘official QC work’.

Oh, and what exactly was I doing about the Heri Quiz? Well, I spent the whole of Wednesday evening calling up members and making lists of those who were interested. Much of Thursday morning went into trying to convince one of new members to come on-board – he didn’t. Almost going crazy trying to decide whom to take in, I quickly made an online test and gave the members a diktat to try it. It worked. The test just told me exactly what I wanted and who all were suitable. It’s always nice to have tests, and the answers they give really help me determine the psychology of the member.

The final decision was that Yours Truly, and two other brand-new just-took-off-the-packaging-and-playing-with-the-bubble-wrap-right-now members will be coming along. I’ve got NO IDEA what’ll happen. I know that some of my pals from other schools are turning up.

Fingers crossed…

Oh, by the way, I’m not giving the math term exam on Monday, since Heri Quiz is on Sunday. Instead, I’ll be giving my math exam on 3rd October. There goes a perfectly nice holiday down the drain studying…but I wanted to postpone ‘death’ as much as possible.

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