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CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2006 Prelims

By on Sep 24, 2006 in Personal | 1 comment

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The prelims of the CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2006 were held at Modern School, Vasant Vihar today. The turnout definitely seemed to be lesser than last year. Maybe that’s because if the ongoing term exams in most schools. Nice way to start off the day though, since I got into trouble for bringing my cellphone along. After much teeth-gritting, kept it with my friend Ishaan who’d to leave his bag outside too. Gotta complain about partiality though – there were others in the centre who’d carried such things in. Came across my old school’s (er, nightmare’s?) team at the centre too, although I didn’t get much time to interact (did I want to really?) since I was trying to figure out a safe haven for my 3220.

The paper this year was tougher than last year’s. Last year’s paper was pretty kiddish, and we’d sailed through then. This year, they’d certainly raised the bar quite a few inches higher. Enough to (horror of horrors!) me, an old salt to be bothered about the team’s performance. In the end, figured out a lot, and did it.

On having discussions with the team members, Varun and Srishti, later on, I was delighted to know that our new members did exceedingly well for new-comers by any standards. Hell, they did well by standards set by old-timers too. We seem to have got a fair number of questions correct. The DPS RKP team too has put in a good performance. Remains to be seen whether we are among the top six who get through, but I’m pretty confident that we should, given the fact that this was a strong team. Fingers crossed still, and can’t definitely say that we’d get through. Ah well, waiting till the results then…]

Good thing though that my math exam got postponed to 3rd October, although I’m not sure what I’ll do even then because I haven’t quite a few classes on the topics which are coming. Really gutsy though that one of the members didn’t take the postponement – never heard that happen in the quizzing community. Oh, they’ll learn to grab such opportunities more eagerly later I’m sure, when they start getting deeper into quizzing (and missing more classes / fooling off at home). ;)

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  1. Varun V S

    September 27, 2006

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    Well it was a bit difficult but it makes me sure of one thing – if you want to get good score in this quiz you have to have the knowledge of all the different cultures and the geographical features of the country and believe me that’s a lot!!!

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