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LOTS of updates on DPS VK QC site

By on Sep 29, 2006 in Personal | 0 comments

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The DPS VK Quiz Club site has gone MAJOR in the past few days, thanks to me. The links section has been expanded to quite an impressive list encompassing blogs, and quizzing sites. Then there’s the polls section, for some fun pop questions. The FileFront server was ‘misbehaving’, so that had to be changed and the files now have their resting place on the main server itself. Member profiles have been uploaded, and a ratings and comments feature added. Hmmm. What surprises me is that during its short existence of two months, it has had its visitor counter click up pretty fast for a new site.

What irks me though is a directive by the school to take a Paypal ‘donate’ button off the site since it looked ‘too commercial’. Pah, humbugs. They’re not spending one goddamn penny, it’s MY bandwidth that gets used up. As we expand the files on offer, we will obviously feel the need for more bandwidth and storage too. Since I’m not taking maintenance charges from the members, unlike some other clubs I know, I see perfectly no reason for it to be removed. Will speak on this one.

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