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DPS VK Farewell 2007

By on Feb 1, 2007 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Just some of the photos from the farewell held in our school on 31st Jan. More coming soon (hopefully) as and when I get time to upload them, after getting them. Browse through some very few photos of DPS VK Farewell 2007 here.

On that day, I’d to give me physics practical. Fortunately, I got viscosity, which happened to be the only physics practical I had (partly) attended this year. I was also supposed to give my computer practical, but then the teacher decided to take it later. Bani ma’am went hyper though, going to the extent of dragging me out of a photo shoot with Abhishek Mitra (the Quiz Club Pres) to ask about it.

Rest of the time was spent at the farewell function, where I took (collective) responsibility (with Rach and Waris) to get the laptop out – earlier they had no setup for music. It became really irritating though, as all we got to do was to play background music for the other events during the function. We did try playing other good tracks, but the crowd wasn’t responsive. Chop Suey, School Days, Thunderstruck, Rock is Dead, Juggernaut – played them all but got no reaction. In the End I got bored and packed up. Damn, if they can’t appreciate good music then I don’t care.

With nothing much left except making attempts to eat the crappy (and extremely spicy) food on offer, I went on a shooting spree. Yes folks, I just lost it. On a shooting spree clicking photos with all Code Warriors, and having a fun time pumping the team spirit up with me and Anshul screaming hoarse ‘Code Warriors!!!’, and Eeshan trying to get into every frame. I seriously am gonna miss Anshul, Prannoy, Raj, Sushil, Gaurav, Dhruv, Sehej, Tarun and all the other twelfthies from CW. Thanks to all of them for guiding me in CW this year

There were also photo ops with friends, and Quiz Club President Abhishek Mitra, who’s been a real swell guy to be with. Under his leadership we saw the establishment of a proper Quiz Club, and a rapid turnaround in performance. Thanks to the Quiz Club seniors too, including Aditya, Tuseet, Pranaam, Aseem and others.

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