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Yahoo 360 opens up

By on Feb 1, 2007 in Personal, Reviews, Tech Takes | 2 comments

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Finally! Yahoo 360 is now open for all, even people below 18 years (or was I the Chosen One?). I wanted to use it as my blogging service for a long time, but people with ID dates below 18 years of age weren’t allowed then, In fact, I held off blogging using Blogger for a long time, hoping it would open up soon. Alas, Y360 has opened bit to late, and I don’t think I can shift after 275 posts here. Either way, Y360 doesn’t have an import option (neither does Blogger, so no need for Googlers to snigger :P).

It’s still in beta, and I just loved it. It’s built to be a social networking AND a blogging service. I was a bit skeptical as to how the interface would look like, but they’ve done well. And no boring templates, you can even make your own! I’ve always said Yahoo’s WYSIWYG editor is better than Blogger’s, and that’s a big plus. It also has view restriction settings and tagging, allowing you to make sections public or restricted to friends, and that was a LONG time back when Blogger hadn’t even thought of it. Plus, the Blogger team itself has admitted they suck.

It’s look is definitely more refreshing. I’ve browsed other people’s Y360 blogs earlier, and I like its features. And there comes the power of the Yahoo ID – almost everybody has one. There are far more Yahoo users than you can EVER come across on Orkut or Blogger (using a Google Account). Y360 is definitely a BETTER way to stay connected because of this reach it has.

The sad part – I’d have shifted, but it may be too risky to lose readers. Plus, as I said, no import option. The day Y360 adds that feature, I’m leaving Blogger, forever…


  1. Abhishek

    February 2, 2007

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    Oh wait! There is something for us to snigger about. Yahoo’s profit is down 61%. And Google seems to be doing quite well. I really doubt Panama is going to help them get anywhere.

  2. Great Quizzard

    February 2, 2007

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    Tch tch tch, Googlers. Yahoo services continue to have higher number of users in multiple categories, that’s because Yahoo has more services. As for Panama, let’s wait and watch what happens…

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