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Useless Facts from Da Vinci Code

By on Feb 2, 2007 in Reviews | 7 comments

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Now that it’s gone, I realize how much I really valued it. Mom made popcorn, and I thought, rather glumly to meself that DVC would’ve been perfect to go with it.
Anyways, here are some useless facts on the great movie with the greatest score:


  1. Great Quizzard

    February 2, 2007

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    Movie with the best score that didn’t even get nominated for the Oscars? Hmm, interesting. So is it getting the Golden Raspberry for score or something?

    Daughter’s best friend as Sophie? Ok, now I quite get why Audrey was so pathetic. I pity Ron Coward for making a crappy movie because he was bent into submitting low grade (non) actresses like her into the film.

  2. Rach

    February 3, 2007

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    Listen up, Audrey wasn’t Chirac’s friend’s daughter. She was Howard’s one and only choice.
    As for being a bad actress, I don’t agree with you. She played the part well, and her previous movies (Amelie and A Very Long Engagement) were also good.

  3. Great Quizzard

    February 3, 2007

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    And how many people apart from you, Ron, and Audrey know that she’s acted in other movies too?

  4. Great Quizzard

    February 3, 2007

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    But…you’re British, and British hate the French, and either way round too…

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