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Gone In 60 (milli) Seconds

By on Feb 7, 2007 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

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I’ve good reason to hate the Linux filesystem now. I just *accidentally* deleted 11 GB of music from my computer a day ago. And being the way a Linux filesystem is, I’ve no hope of recovering it.

To an extent, it’s my fault. Rather, to quite an extent. I’d enabled the direct delete option, rather than the normal ‘move to trash’, and I had also disabled it from asking for any conformations before carrying out the action.

A day ago I was just checking the properties of my music collection folder, when I accidentally happened to click ‘delete’ by mistake. And grrrrrr, 11 GB of my music collection was Gone In 60 (milli) Seconds. To top it off, my music player chose to play Flower by Moby from the movie right then! Ugh! I’m not kidding.

Now a Windows filesystem simply deletes the reference to the file from FAT, but on Linux, it actually goes ahead and does the freaking thing it’s asked to do. In a way, it’s good for Linux – many a corporate company has suffered due to data leaking out because of the persistent nature of files on Windows. Being built from a server platform perspective, *nix systems must have such basic things built into them.

Ah well, it’s really sad. I feel SO depressed. The best part is, I don’t even have a backup! I’ve NO idea how I’m gonna recover from this tragedy now… :'(

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  1. Rach

    February 7, 2007

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    now u know wat it feels like to lose something precious.
    u just lost 11gb of music.
    i lost my freaking DA VINCI CODE VCD!!!

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