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The Wind Chill Factor

By on Feb 10, 2007 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Brrr, it’s suddenly turned cold. For a penguin like me it should be good news, for I was getting toasted (not the fun type of toasting involving certain liquids), but brrr, this cold after so many days of toasting is too much for even a penguin to handle.

Apparently, what also freaks me out right now is that the Muthoot Group site, which owned SGS (not the site dumdum, the group) misspells me name in its CBSE Intel Quiz article thingy. Brrr. That’s cold of them!

And Rachna Pandit ma’am gets transferred to DPS Maruti Kunj as principal soon, she spoke to me the other day about getting its site a better look, courtesy some (free) work by me. Right now, some bozo from its computer department is doing it, and he simply tried a pathetic rip-off of the DPS RKP site. Hell, he doesn’t even know which fonts or logos to use, or what their sizes should be!

I had to bury myself in my snug blanket brrr, because of the cold. Doesn’t make me feel like studying either, the weather. I’ve barely completed ONE chapter out of 14 in physics, and that’s what I’m starting the syllabus with (for the final exams). Ah well, just trying sincerely to give snail’s pace a new meaning.

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