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Derek’s new look website

By on Feb 11, 2007 in Personal | 0 comments

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Derek o’ Brien‘s website had a pretty pathetic look earlier I must say, but when I checked it again today I was in for a shock! It actually looks good, offers information and all, and I even love the flash header, something, which I generally don’t say. If you’d seen the earlier one, you’d agree that is hardly gave any info on the company, and the new one is a refreshing change from that. However, I visited too after that, one of my favorite quizzing sites in early days with much anticipation after that, but I was disappointed to see it totally inaccessible now.

One thing intrigues me – why has he disowned all books by him not published by Penguin? I know they are his new publishers, but then that doesn’t mean he should ignore some of the most amazing books released independently by him like Derek o’ Brien’s First Book of 1000 Questions.

If you’re wondering why this sudden fascination with Derek’s site today, just watch out for this space tomorrow… ;)

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