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DPS VK Farewell Pics 2006

By on Feb 15, 2007 in Personal | 0 comments

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DPS VK Farewell 2006View the photo album of DPS VK Farewell 06 Pics

Here are some more pics, well, the ones that I really wanted. It’s full of Code Warriors in each and every frame, because it was Anshul who was getting them shot.

Do visit the album for the wisecrack comments that Anshul has given with each photo (like, for this one, he wrote ‘Prannoy finally got the answer to the KBC question’ LMAO!!!). Best ones – there are two where Rach is eating. In an exclusive interview, he told me that he didn’t know it was proper manners not to eat while someone was clicking a pic.

So that’s the Code Warriors 2006 batch for you…

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