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Electric ARC #9 : Going Modular

By on Feb 15, 2007 in Personal | 0 comments

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The Module Test 2 results came out today, yeah, the one which was held on 4th February 2007 (and the same one I hadn’t prepared for, except for physics).

Surprise surprise, I ended up with AIR 24 (huh, as if it counts for anything). And well, I did PATHETIC in physics. It’s shocking because a) physics is my favorite b) I’d prepared for it.

I ended up doing really well in math, in fact, my accuracy and per section stats in math were better than the topper. Even in chemistry, now that’s a subject I really hate, I ended up doing pretty well, and my accuracy being quite close to the topper. The funny thing was, I hadn’t prepared for these two at all.

I feel really SO disappointed about physics, and I must say, my performance in that has been really pathetic.

Oh, I forgot, all through SIS. Now I must say it’s working really well, and the analysis is comprehensive. Lots of statistics for me to go through. But physics…!!!

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