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General Blah

By on Feb 19, 2007 in Personal, Reviews, Tech Takes | 5 comments

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General PattonI did not mean that sort of a general. I just couldn’t stop myself from posting (and wasting time while I should be studying. It’s just that there were a few things I wanted to speak off on, and then, so many unrelated things also came clamoring in asking to be put up on the blog that well, I couldn’t think of any other post title. I know I sound pretty confused right now, because I am. Beware, this post has pretty unrelated items strung together. BTW, for quizzers, that’s Patton (brush up your WW II history if you don’t know who he is). Scroll to the bottom for non-gross info on how to get a new C++ compiler.

Green DayFirst up there’s Rach, who on his Yahoo! 360 profile page wrote that Green Day is among his fave music artists. It’s a universally known fact that Rach only listens to classical music (that too only CDs – because they’re better quality, or MP3s encoded at 56 kbps – because he doesn’t know the difference) / any crap movie soundtrack (like that of the Da Vinci Code, which, he claims, got nominated for an Oscar!). For him to say that Green Day is among his fave means he’s really ill. Somebody please get him back to his senses that it’s a PUNK ROCK band, NOT classical, even though he might have been deceived by Boulevard of Broken Dreams. That’d break his dream. It’s real scary, my court jester falling sick during these taxing times, I must say.

A Man Apart movie posterI also saw this real nice movie today, A Man Apart – it’s on the Mexican drug business. Well, it doesn’t match up to the standards of one of my faves (which sounds similar too), Man on Fire, but this one is good too. Sorry, didn’t pay attention to soundtrack Rach, but it’s not as good as MoF’s. Vin Diesel’s voice makes me feel he would’ve made a good Darth Vader (he’s about the same height too). It seems I like these movies with raw footage etc etc. More the gore the better. MoF’s scenes where Denzel’s character cuts the fingers off a suspect until he reveals information, and another where he stuffs a timed bomb up another suspects ass and interrogates until the suspect blows up – well, those sequences are amazing. Not that I don’t like others with a good story, like Ocean’s…, The Italian Job (this is my FAVE – I can’t wait for The Brazilian Job)….

I’ve also been lamenting the fact that I am a school student, partly because I have to give the exams, but mostly because I miss out on all the cool activities happening right now. There was iTrek which I could have gone to. And then there are future ones, bang in the middle of my exams, like DCE’s Troika and Innova, IIT-D’s Tryst etc etc. Tch tch tch… Speaking of exams, it reminds me that I had computers today which went well – not full, but it should be better than the first term.

Turbo C++ compiler screenshotAlso, over the past few days I got quite a few calls from people saying that their (antique) Turbo C++ had its header file corrupted. All from the same school? Hmmm, smells like a virus on the loose. Anyway, my suggestion is uninstall the oldie, and download it afresh from Borland’s site. Or if you don’t want to use Microsucks Visual C++, then get something like Dev C++ from Bloodshed Software (no no, the page doesn’t look gory).

I guess that wraps it up for now…


  1. Rach

    February 20, 2007

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    Listen up. ZIMMER IS NOT CRAP!!! And so what if he didn’t get a nomination for DVC? It thoroughly deserved a nomination. If u want crap, A Man Apart is crap. Corny lines and acting.

  2. Great Quizzard

    February 20, 2007

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    It’s much more fun telling people that you said DVC got nominated. Man, that was so dumb of you.

    And ‘A Man Apart’ was good. SWAT teams were far more realistic than normal.

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