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Math ain’t the Brit way of saying it

By on Feb 23, 2007 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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For the record, I’m saying this for Rach. Math ain’t the Brit version of mathematics. That happens to be maths. That buffoon actually emails me and admonishes me saying that math is Brit version. When I point out that it ISN’T, then he changes tack and says that “I thought math was Brit ’cause it sounded better’. Dumbo. Of course, now for him maths is the ‘better version’. We all do know though that math sounds better, right?

Today’s math exam was ok, not really cheery since I ended up making quite a few silly errors. And conceptual errors. And…

Come to think of it, I only attended these chapters in school:

  1. Sequences and Series – Deleted from syllabus.
  2. Mathematical Reasoning – Already knew this; after all it’s basically the logic behind conditional testing in C++, also used in logic gates, and of course, Boolean algebra is used in search strings. AND it came for just 3 marks.
  3. Er…the third one was…

To top that off, I missed quite a bit at Career Launcher too. Most of the biggie chapters like trigonometry, limits & differentiation, straight lines et al. Poor me had to read and prepare from scratch. I expect, um, only 80-85 in today’s exam. Compare that to the general reaction in our section, and I’m oh-so-bad.

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