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Way to rectify problem with Yahoo! Alerts for feeds

By on Feb 27, 2007 in Reviews, Tech Takes | 0 comments

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Yahoo Alerts logoThe problem with My Yahoo! is that although it allows you to add feeds easily, and indeed, is the most popular web-based feed reader around the world, yet, it does not give previews of content. So when I came across the new Yahoo! Alerts site which gave me the option to register for alerts whenever my fave feed is updated, I jumped for it. Already, using feeds was becoming a problem in Yahoo! Mail Beta because the new BlogSpot feeds which have a new ‘atom:updated’ field, which means that every time you make a post, the whole thing is republished and the new date gets added to each post. This is a big falw, because even if I’ve read something already, and then you make an update, it’ll come up as a new post. The workaround it to use something like FeedBurner to manage your post feed.

Coming back to Yahoo! Alerts, the problem I faced was that it wasn’t delivering me alerts whenever the feed URL for a BlogSpot blog was of the new style, as in and that really sucked. I, for one, knew that some blogs were updated, still no alert.

I racked my brains, and came up with a workaround. I think the problem is cropping up since no specific filename is used in the new style. I found that the old style feed URL (of type for blogs even on the new Blogger are still live. Subscribing to that solved my problem.

However, I did write to the Yahoo! Alerts team to do something about this, for comment feeds for BlogSpot blogs, which were not available earlier, and are of type cannot be subscribed in any other way except the new URL. Correct me if I am wrong.

I may point out here, the problem only occurs with Blogger feeds, not others.

I never really liked any alternative like Bloglines or Google Reader. And with Yahoo! Alerts I’m happy. It also offers alerts via messenger and mobile.

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