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It pays to have PayPerPost!

By on Mar 9, 2007 in On A Whim | 0 comments

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As my readers would know, my blahg uses PayPerPost, a service that allows Bloggers to place adverts on their blogs, and convert that into some serious cash. Now many would say that this dilutes the standard of blogs, readers may not like it and things like that, but after about one month of using this service, I beg to disagree.

Firstly, this most marks the fact that through PPP, I crossed the $100 mark as far as the cash I’m getting out of this is concerned, and it happened MUCH faster than Google AdSense. And that’s just with 14 odd posts!

Most of these are small ones, and by having a disclosure policy, people know this is paid for, and can still trust your other posts. And contrary to the fact that it dilutes blog standards, no. PPP rules actually encourage you to post more so that you can take more opportunities. It also encourages you to post more relevant content at other times, because the number and the money you get from an opportunity directly depends on your Google PageRank and Alexa Score.

So what am I gonna do with all this? For starters, this can help mine, and many other blogs to upgrade themselves, say, to custom domain names or premium services, thus providing a better user experience in general. Me though, I’m doing this for a quizzing site that I want to start next year. Current lot of quizzing sites are oh-so-boring, and more oriented towards personality tests. Or, they’re not updated, and most of them don’t have an India focus. There’s hardly any good Indian quiz site! I want to change all that, and I think PPP can help that site of mine be self-sufficient from day one and hit the ground running.

Thanks to PayPerPost, I think that can happen now. I might have spent on it myself, but with PPP, I can have extra capital to handle that, and other sites.

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