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Going Nuts

By on Mar 17, 2007 in Reviews | 1 comment

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Aarghhh!!! What’s happened to me?? I really must be going a bit cuckoo in the head, because I watched Da Vinci Code today, and horror of horrors, realized that it’s not that great. I found out that it suffers from many afflictions, the biggest being (oh no! GQ isn’t gonna let me forget this one) TOM HANKS (whoever said that geeky professors shave their side burns off so that they look extremely moronical??). Looking back, Hugh Jackman would’ve been better as Robert Langdon.
I also found out that the music isn’t great-mediocre at best (AND, definitely not worthy of the Oscar nomination I had bestowed upon it by mistake…). Zimmer’s done some good work with the main themes, but the filler music was a cause of worry, with a lot of it being repeated (especially the reprisal of Citrine Cross heard during the action bits), or being ripped off from other Zimmer scores (mainly Batman Begins).
Laudable performances by Ian McKellen (Sir Leigh Teabing), Jean Reno (Bezu Fache) and Alfred Molina (Bishop Aringarossa) were drowned out by the blank slate that was Paul Bettany (Silas). Whoever said that albinos only have a scowl/empty stare on their face?
GQ would say that I’ve finally entered the land of the sane, but, to me, personally, it’s as big a blow as watching Batman and Robin. Dunno what’s prompted this sudden change of heart. Maybe, I’ve just gotten bored of the movie…

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  1. GQ

    March 18, 2007

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    Gee. I’m so touched I dunno what to say. Is it really you Rach, or did someone hack into your ID? Rejoice, People of the World, sanity has been restored! So finally you realized that DVC isn’t good. Or maybe, the person who’d stolen your VCD did some voodoo on it that makes you feel so…

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