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GQ’s Gone Nuts

By on Mar 17, 2007 in Reviews | 2 comments

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Whenever in a movie review you praise the music, you praise the composer, and not in minions. Point in case: in your review for 300, you praised the music by saying that the orchestrations of Timothy Williams IV were good, and the electronic score programmer, Wolfgang Matthes, was good, and so, the score was good. But pray tell me, what would these people have done without Tyler Bates, the man who composed the music?
In praising the music of Da Vinci Code, I wouldn’t say that Nick Glennie-Smith conducted the choir well, and so the score’s amazing. I’d say that Hans Zimmer’s music was brilliant and he was well supported by Nick Glennie-Smith’s conduction. Sure these people have done a good job, but who gave them the tunes to be conducted? They might as well be conducting thin air, without the composer.
And anyway, I think you meant that the tunes were good and the orchestrations of those tunes gelled in well with the movie. So you see, YOU HAVE TO PRAISE THE COMPOSER TOO!!!

This post not brought to you by Tyler Bates.

(Have to add though, Bates’ score really is awe-inspiring and powerful).


  1. GQ

    March 17, 2007

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    Bates’ score was good, but I what I actually wanted to do was to compliment the electronic score programmer, it’s something known as geek fraternizing. And then I thought TW IV might feel left out so I added his name too. As for Bates, his name sounds too much like bats, and I’m fed up of hearing bats because you keep on talking about Batman Begins all the time.

    Where did you hear the score? Did you watch the film?

  2. Rach

    March 17, 2007

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    no. it’s on his site.
    And anyway, tell me, what would Wolgang have done without Bats. oops… Bates?? And, wudn’t bats…Bates feel left out, seeing that u haven’t praised him?

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