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Electric ARC #11: ARC’s back

By on Mar 23, 2007 in Personal | 0 comments

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Had my first ARC class after a lllloooooonnnnnnggggg time yesterday. There have been quite a few changes I see…

  1. The whole centre’s been renovated! They painted it in CL colors outside, which looked so upbeat that I rushed inside, only to disappoint myself by seeing that the classroom have got a new color scheme which looks like that of a hospital (and smells like one too). They haven’t done much on the library though, which they should have. On the contrary, there seem to be less books there. Maybe they’d to sell them to renovate :p. Or maybe, other people are studying, unlike me, and issuing them.
  2. Shit man, they’re spending money! I checked the Career Launcher site again today, and it looks so good now. If they had a web design competition between all these coaching institutes, CL would win decisively. A few things need to be ironed out though, because if you go too deep into the recesses of the site, you’ll find remnants of the old site popping up. Overall, it’s really better looking now.
  3. The web gateway to their data management system is no longer there on the main site, but prod around with a few other possibles and you’ll still get through.
  4. Math teacher’s changed. The new one wants us to be ‘klar’ about every concept. He also told us some really interesting things we never knew (even though we’re in class 12), like the fact that the internal angles of a triangle add up to 180 degree. How engrossing! :p
  5. Chemistry teacher’s changed too. I hope we get the HoD this time.
  6. I’ll leave CL if physics teacher leaves. Period.
  7. The class XI module test will be on 29th April. Strange. Why so late? All other institutes are steamrolling ahead right now, which is what WE need to do.

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