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Yahoo to offer unlimited e-mail storage – Yahoo! News

By on Mar 28, 2007 in Stop The Press, Tech Takes | 0 comments

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Yahoo to offer unlimited e-mail storage – Yahoo! News

Ha! Now take THAT you idiotic Gmail lovers! Yahoo! Mail is now going to do away with ALL email storage limit caps. Did I hear Gmail is still at 2.8 GB? It seems Yahoo! has reached ‘Infinity + 42’ faster than Google could even say ‘Infinity + 1’. And did you know that since October 2005, Gmail had reduced the daily storage limit increase from 3 MB to 0.33 MB? Tch tch. Well, as for me, I need not worry about a dark future now, a future when I’d have to switch over to some other service because my Yahoo! Mail would be full. Go David and Jerry, rule the world!

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