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Kubuntu / Ubuntu = Trouble?

By on Jul 11, 2007 in Reviews, Tech Takes | 5 comments

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My recent post Kubuntu Sucks got some attention it seems, that someone from the Kubuntu team responded to it. Here’s what he said:

It sounds like you didn’t have internet access during install so you will need to enable internet repositories in the package manager. This is exactly the same in Ubuntu and Kubuntu.
Amarok does have codec installation, unfortunately Kaffeine video player does not.
Since you seem to have ended up with a Kubuntu system your headline seems a bit exaggerated.

Jonathan Riddell, Kubuntu

Now there are a few things I’d like to say in response to this. I also have some more stuff as far as the performance of Kubuntu / Ubuntu 7.04 is concerned.


  1. Prashanth

    July 13, 2007

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    As I told you before, Ubuntu has brilliant multimedia support on “unbiased PCs”. By constantly criticizing Ubuntu or putting Freespire at a higher stance than Ubuntu for undue reasons, you have made it sad and angry because of which it doesn’t work on your PC to entertain you…!! ;)
    Honestly, CNR is nothing but CNR contains software that are distro-neutral. This means that all the software put up on CNR would run just the same way on any linux distro, just like Google Earth.
    Synaptic Repositories on the other hand are storehouses for software optimized for ubuntu/debian based distros. When you know what to download, just enter a command int he terminal to download that package. For that you don’t need to download the software lists as you are not really browsing through the archives, but pin-pointing at one particular download.
    Just type in the command to install a particular package on the terminal, and APT recognizes the dependencies and prompts you to download the dependencies as well by prompting you on the terminal. Nifty utilitarian features like this one are an attraction towards Ubuntu and other debian distros.

    And CNR does give proprietary software for download from which Linspire gets royalties. I have evidence for this now. Remember our debate a few months ago..??
    Check this
    And yes, Ubuntu guys have just made a windows migration thing now. Nothing for Mac and other linux users. Its a new feature under experimentation. perhaps Gutsy would feature something that we want…
    Anyway, want to try RHEL5? It seems it has a better (faster!) package managing system. But alas, I don’t have space on my PC(s)… stay tuned for my review on Fiesty… or Gutsy Tribe 1…

  2. Sports fan

    July 14, 2007

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    I just noticed that the server at is responding faster now.

  3. GQ

    July 14, 2007

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    @Sports Fan: Good news for us then, isn’t it?

    @Prashanth: Sometimes, I get fed up of arguing with you. Plain fact is that it didn’t work on my PC, for any goddamn reason. And I didn’t ‘influence’ or ‘hypnotize’ my PC into not playing those stuff. Also, CNR resolves package dependencies even without requiring the user to go through and approve them – remember the OPIUM thing I sent – CNR has had that for a long time. So there’s nothing different from APT. Also, those are deb packages on CNR, and anyway debs’ are not ‘optimised’ – it’s simply a precompiled binary for a particular system. As for the ones you show, those aren’t free programs. Those are commercial programs which CNR allows you to buy – and I’d say this is an advantage over Synaptic which doesn’t have this feature. Also, the point is, CNR isn’t ‘pushing proprietary software’ – there are only a few commercial software, which infact when you perform a search come lower down the order than other popular free software.

  4. Sports fan

    July 14, 2007

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    vote for linux on my blog
    And by the way,you are using the 64 bit edition and I’m using the PC edition.Do the problems which ure facing and I’m not facing have something to do with that?

  5. GQ

    July 16, 2007

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    @SF: Although mine is an AMD 64-bit computer, I’m using the normal 32-bit version of Ubuntu (and even that doesn’t / shouldn’t be the issue).

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