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Tech Edge 2007 at Birla Vidya Niketan

By on Jul 25, 2007 in Personal | 5 comments

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Tech Edge 2007 was held today at Birla Vidya Niketan today. That’s their computer symposium. I hadn’t gone for this one because a) no event for me b) I’d gone for the Carmel Convent Quiz today.

The Code Warriors did well though. Kudos to Arjun and Feroze for coming first in the web designing event. We also came third in programming, congrats to Naman and Avani for that one. It also turned out that the collage making event they had their was something to be done on Photoshop rather than the normal art stuff for which we’d sent students, so we didn’t get a position in that event, effectively taking the overall trophy away from us. Anyway, congrats to the CW team again.


  1. naman

    July 26, 2007

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    that shows how dumb you people are! regular collage in a computer syposium? asses.

  2. GQ

    July 27, 2007

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    Sane computer clubs call such an event ‘digital imaging’ rather than collage. :p

  3. frankzzsword

    July 28, 2007

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    I really dont like Birla Vidya, they have just 2 small comp labs and lame infrastructure. Now when I heard of Collage making I was laughing my ass off

  4. GQ

    July 28, 2007

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    @Varun: Yeah, and real sad that you didn’t win. Musta been difficult to make the site on the morning of the competition!

    @SF: Ah, there are more schools you’ll come across with even older computer infrastructure. ;)

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