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DPS VK Site A ‘Malware Hub’?

By on Sep 5, 2007 in Tech Takes | 2 comments

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I came across this post on Naman’s blog recently – about potential problems with the DPS Vasant Kunj site! Boy did he make an important finding, because if this is serious, then action needs to be taken quick.

Search for on Google, and you’ll find the malware warnings. Going to elaborates that the site ‘hosts or distributes badware’. Strangely, found ‘no major problems’ with our school site.

I guess what has happened is that some files must have been uploaded to the school site which had been infected, because virus infestations are a major problem in our school networks. And why shouldn’t it be, because the anti-virus on most computers is hardly ever updated. Plus, there’s no firewall running on the school server, and the Internet lab, the main access point of the school to the Big Bad Outside World, still runs Windows 2000. Those bloody machines splutter to death on loading any good anti-virus because they’re old Pentium IIIs with hardly any RAM at all. And guess what happens when you use an operating system so old and with so many security loopholes? Major disaster.

The school NEEDS to get its act together. Already, work is in progress to set up a computerised question paper and assignments database, along with student records at DPS VK. If such vulnerabilities exist in the network, school data could get compromised in a major way.


  1. GQ

    September 18, 2007

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    The problem seems to have been sorted out. Google no longer shows the malware warning. I guess it worked that I spoke to the computer admin in our school and told him to do something about it.

  2. Dps vk student

    June 23, 2011

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    This same problem has reappeared whenever someone opens the school’s site and this time any one who opens this site,his/her computer gets infected with the virus most of the time……our school computers and network is very outdated….its RAM is 64 and 128 on most computers with 2003 norton antivirus which I dont think can detect this virus.

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