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Electric ARC #27: IIT-JEE 08 Part Test 1 Results Out

By on Sep 10, 2007 in Personal | 1 comment

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Apologies folks, it isn’t a ‘progressive test‘ but it’s the ‘IIT-JEE 08 Part Test’. The results for the first one came out today, and my jaw dropped out of shock on seeing my score that even an anaconda would feel ashamed of itself. Apparently, I ended up doing pretty well (I’ve a theory for this – keep reading) when I hadn’t studied stuff at all; as I’d been busy preparing for the quizzes and other events in those weeks, including the ATF 2007 Exquizzit.

I’ve noticed this stuff in exams / quizzes that when I study and go for them, I end up doing badly – on how badly I fall flat on my face is directly proportional to the effort I put in preparing. Even for quizzes, whichever one I go into thinking “I’ll lose / not even qualify” I end up doing well in that; and for the ones that I prepare and think “Podium finish!”, I end up at the sixth position with 15 points. Same in exams. When I study and go, that is what happens:

I’m pretty sure that’s the case with at least some other people too. However, when I DON’T study and go, this is what happens:

And THAT, working from the basics, is helps. When you’ve STUDIED a lot, your mind is always trying to correct out the correct FORMULA to do a question. When you don’t know ANYTHING, you end up trying to work with the basics.

Coming back to the test, the ARC Mumbai folks have occupied all the top slots this time, leaving the ARC New Delhi people far behind. I get this bad feeling though that the next part test ain’t gonna be this lucky for me…

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  1. pagla_ladka

    September 25, 2007

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    bang on…….
    heyy…….nice to meet one of those ‘some-other-people’ with the mentioned characteristics

    m sick of it…..

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