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Get Creative With Your Photos!

By on Sep 17, 2007 in On A Whim | 0 comments

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The thing with digital cameras is that unlike film cameras where you THINK a lot before you shoot, on digicams you just go ahead and shoot, and get some good photos. In fact, a LOT of them. So what do you do – act all boring and just store them on your hard disk to rot in e-eternity? Nah! You can turn all those shots into photo gifts for yourself and others., is such a place where you turn all that stuff into droll material for your bedroom. You could, for example, literally ‘sleep over the clouds’ with a photo pillow of that sunset shot you took. Or if you’re in a mood to pamper your pooch, then you can create a dog bedding for him with that cute li’l pic you once took. There’s a whole lotta personalised photo gift items that you can get from there, and boy are they unique!

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