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Weep…Weep….Mandela’s Dead

By on Sep 22, 2007 in On A Whim | 4 comments

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George W. (Dubya) Bush is on a roll!! Extract from one of his trademark idiotic speeches:

“I heard somebody say, ‘Where’s Mandela?'”

“Well, Mandela’s dead because Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas!!”

The official Mandela-ian response to Dubyaman’s gaffe:

“It’s out there. All we can do is reassure people, especially South Africans, that President Mandela is alive.”

Somebody tell me, is this Bush a retard!?!!! And if he IS (no doubt), then are Americans bigger retards than him, electing HIM for a SECOND TERM? Well, on second thought, Kerry vs Bush: even I’d HAVE TO pick Bush….


  1. GQ

    September 22, 2007

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    Is this from some shitty old forward? Dubya’s second term is getting OVER and you’re talking of Bush-Kerry elections! :p

  2. rach

    September 23, 2007

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    u didn’t get wat i meant.
    i meant that in any bush-kerry elections, any sane minded person would HAVE to pick bush.
    And anyways, this isn’t from a forward. it was all over the international news yesterday, if only u’d have cared to see it, b4 opening ur trap…

  3. GQ

    September 24, 2007

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    @Rach: Gee, I dunno, Bush is a really fun guy, you know. Khushwant Singh can write three jokebooks by compiling all of Dubya’s speeches.

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