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New DPS VK QC Site

By on Oct 3, 2007 in Personal | 0 comments

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They had it coming. I gave up control of the DPS VK Quiz Club site a few months ago, and guess what? No updates, even as to who the new presidents are; no update of member profiles, non-existent pages not removed blah blah. No prob with that. The thing which really irked me was the PINK background of that the site had changed to. So I told a wise person with years and years of experience in the QC (namely, Rach), and Varun (one of the current presidents); and went ahead on making a WordPress powered site. During the exams. Right before English. WordPress_MU had a scheduled maintenance downtime within 20 minutes of me logging in, so I had to leave it then.

Started work about an hour and a half back, and I got DNS lookup errors while administering. Thinking it was a issue, I got real fed up and started setting up WordPress on my GoDaddy account, and then I started seeing DNS lookup errors for my 99.99% uptime GoDaddy account too. And Yahoo! News. Hen I realised that something was wrong with Sify’s DNS. Anyway, it sorted out sometime back and I got the site up, with edits to the content to reflect the changed perception I have of the team now. Really, they’ve done a great job this year, and no longer need newbie tags. I can’t see the image of the QC suffering because of no updates, so if need be, I will barge in and try to salvage stuff.

Anyway, didn’t spend much time on it. More busy with the 600 Mirrors Project right now. And oh yeah, there’s a test on Sunday too at CL – need to study for that. Got a major Code Warriors meeting coming up tomorrow too.

Why WordPress for the site? Hmmm. Didn’t want to bother designing a proper site, and didn’t think there was need for a full-fledged CMS like Joomla or Drupal, for the pages are mostly static, and too few to need a CMS of that sort. The advantage of WP is that we can have multiple users on board – say for example, a QC members can ask for an account and post quiz related stuff on it because of its WYSIWYG interface. Also, when me and the other QC members move on, having a thing hosted on WordPress will allow much easier admin transitions, apart from the fact that we can have multiple levels of authorization and multiple admins.

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