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You Wanna Make Us Linux Users Pay, Microsucks? See THIS…

By on Oct 10, 2007 in Stop The Press, Tech Takes | 0 comments

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flaming middle fingerYup, that’s right Microsucks, THAT’S what you’ll get. See this video by Steve Ballmer, which I came across in this Yahoo! News story on how Microsucks want Red Hat users to ‘pay up’ for ‘their intellectual property‘. Of course, that was coming – pretty evident from the protection-racket type of deals its been doing with Novell and all. Could he please actually then tell us what stuff Linux is violating, because I’m pretty sure the Linux community has ammo to counter-sue, with bigwigs like Sun, IBM, and the ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Google ready to stand up for us.

Guess what? After acting like chums with Novell, Microsucks decides to go ahead and slander Linux on its Get The Facts Right Wrong site. That’s EEE (Embrace, Extend, Destroy) and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Destruction) at work again, eh? I’d really like to see those folks hunt down all Linux users and make them pay up.

That’s what their gameplan is – to get users of distros like Red Hat scared, and run away from Linux; and even if they DO want Linux, make them choose ones from Novell, whom they can ditch later. Of course, it’s not so much about the normal users, but the corporate ones whom they’re targeting. They’re counting on those legal eagles in companies to persuade the boss that Microsucks would be a better vendor to buy from.

But Linux WILL survive…no matter what they try… :p

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