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The Beetle and The Vid

By on Oct 12, 2007 in Personal | 0 comments

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Forty-Two-fied BeetleHere’s a better version of the digital imaging entry of our Code Warriors Arjun and Feroze at WarP 2007. Better than the ‘screenshot’ given earlier, and this one taken by Feroze on day 2 of WarP.

Went to DPS Mathura Road today for their Talent Fiesta 2007 Environmental Quiz. More on that later. What I really wanted was to get the surprise entry video I made yesterday. So I went to take it, and the teacher in the lab told me to get permission from the HoD. I went, and asked her…guess what, she’d read my blog post on WarP yesterday! Well, I did say I won’t be writing about that conversation here, but since she didn’t allow me to take the video, even for showing it JUST to the Code Warriors, I mention this. She did try to change the topic, and didn’t give the permission each time I came back to it. Sigh, it’d have been fun to show to our team at least.

I really wonder though how she came across it, because that was something I put up around 9.42pm yesterday. I’m pretty sure Google / Yahoo’s spiders wouldn’t have pounced on it and added it to their indexes immediately. Right now, the page HAS been indexed, but within a few hours…? The other surprise was a teacher reading this stuff. I know Mukesh sir from Exun does it, but to find that even Monica ma’am does, was, weird.

Also, here’s the WarP 2007 video. Yes, everyone seems to have caught the craze…so here goes. I liked the ‘Ready To Rewind’ ending, although everyone except me seems to think it’s ‘PPPP’ instead of ‘????’ that it is. Long in the list of misunderstandings. When we went on stage to receive the the overall and shouted ‘Kevin’ (our mascot), people thought we were saying ‘Exun‘!

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