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Code Wars 2007: It’s On

By on Oct 21, 2007 in Personal | 0 comments

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Life’s too busy right now. Too much work at hand, especially for Code Wars 2007 – soBIG.F. Bani ma’am played the trump card of seeking the school principal’s approval for Code Wars right around his birthday (he agreed…yaya!); but that also meant me, Arjun, Abhimanyu, Feroze and some other CW members who turned up to have round the clock tapping away at keyboards to get the invite ready. I guess her plan is to get the invites out much before the event, so that IN CASE he changes his mind he’ll HAVE TO go ahead with the event to save his school’s face. Basically, that means Code Wars is happening this year, no last minute nods to look forward to. :)

We’ve been sending out the SAME invites for Code Wars for the past three years – with the SAME schedule and SAME description of events. I wanted a fresh look this time, so with loads of shouts of ‘OOo sucks!’ being chanted around me, we cooked up a new one using OpenOffice. The invite for Code Wars itself if very fun this time, for that in itself will test the teams’ logic and how up-to-date they’re with current tech news. Seriously though, I don’t think too many teams will *get* our clues.

For all those people eagerly waiting for the ‘Best Computer Symposium of the Year’, keep checking your mailboxes…for the invites to Code Wars 2007, to be held on 16-17th November, will be dispatched on Monday.

PS – I’d missed out on the Code Wars 2006 Programming paper during the last update cycle. That is now available for download on the Code Warriors website.

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