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The Wiki Way To Quizzing

By on Nov 1, 2007 in Personal, Tech Takes | 7 comments

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It’s bang in the middle of tech quizzing season right now, and I’ve been getting requests from all around for tips on tech quizzing. Sure, some events are over, but ones coming up are big ones.

Now I don’t know whether the method I discuss here will be something that people may / may not like, but I leave that up to you. A few helpful pointers though before that.

I call it ‘The Wikipedia Method’. It’s really simple actually, and the description’s probably gonna be short. As simple as this – open up Wikipedia, and go to the article on some of the top companies – say Microsucks, Sony, IBM, HP, Dell, Oracle etc etc. Take only one company at a time, and expand slowly. Read the article, which WILL have hyperlinks to the company’s key people, major products, main events, etc. For example, say you take up Yahoo! Start reading the article, and whenever you encounter a link to a key person / product / event, open the page in a new tab; don’t read it right then. As you keep reading the article, keep opening stuff in new tabs. Firefox is best suited for this kinda stuff. Then, when you finish the current article, Yahoo! in this example, then move on to the NEXT tab, say, Jerry Yang. If you find more interesting links in this one, then open those too. Slowly, you’ll see how interconnected the companies are, and when you finish with a set of tabs, start afresh with a new company, say, Google. In this way, you’ll be able to get a good hold on tech history AND latest happenings. The advantage of this method is that because the data you read in one session is all interconnected to each other in some way, you’ll find it more interesting and make more sense of it; than say just randomly visiting the top company pages.

Start with a small set initially. I’d suggest you start with Apple, Microsucks, Yahoo!, Google, Sony, IBM and HP; and then expand from there on to other companies. Wikipedia’s own category pages, listed at the bottom, can help you out in expanding your list. It’s a good way of brushing up your tech knowledge, and Code Warriors whom I’ve passed this on to will also vouch for that.


  1. Aditya Prabhu

    December 27, 2009

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    Really liked your blog but I need to improvise my knowledge on tech stuff ( like cloud computing, different parts of computer etc.) for quizzes. So, any suggestions??

  2. anonymous

    March 16, 2010

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    thanks for your advice but I am still a bit confused,how much time should I spend reading one article and in how much depth should I study.I generally read with a lot of focus and that way spend around an hour reading just one article,it also is tiring so I always start on a topic and then leave it uncompleted.

  3. Ben Crucio

    December 19, 2010

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    What an awesome article, thank you for such good suggestions. Have you written more of these articles on your weblog? If yes,
    then please send me the links. :)



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