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Sify Boo Boo

By on Dec 1, 2007 in Tech Takes | 4 comments

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Who says Indian companies (especially tech ones) don’t have a sense of humour? A few days ago, I was trying to upgrade the version of the Sify Broadband Linux client on my computer…

Sify Broadband dialer page
To be fair, I already did have the tarball with me, but just for fun, I decided to download the RPM version too, and see later if I wanted to use it via Alien. Here’s what happens when you click on the link for download (RPM version)…

Sify boo booA custom page. Not the placeholder error page. Wow, it seems they might not spend that much time on their network, but they DO spend time on their fucking error pages.

Ah, one more nugget. I’d recently called them up to renew my pack, and put me on hold. Quite some time passed, so I snapped back. Here’s what the call centre guy said…

Sify call centre guy: I’m sorry sir, but I’m experiencing slow speeds on my LAN. It’ll take some to get your pack renewed.

Well, I guess THAT answers a lot of questions. Anyway, you might be wondering why I’ve stuck to Sify and keep cribbing about it. Well, I have spoken to my parents about it…

Me: Dad, why don’t we change our ISP? I mean, it stops work at quite a few times; and I can’t go online – it hurts for a comp junkie like me…
Dad: [with a smug smile] That, my son, is the whole POINT, you see…


  1. Sports fan

    December 2, 2007

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    Seriously dude,you need a better ISP.Airtel is great but I suppose Airtel doesn’t provide broadband and landline servces in RKP.

    Your blog traffic often suffers.

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