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The Dark Knight stuff

By on Dec 15, 2007 in Reviews | 12 comments

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Just thought I’d put up some posters and stuff of the best movie of 2008….



Must say, whatever doubts I had about The Dark Knight not matching upto Batman Begins, were dispelled after I saw this:

Bootlegged footage, not good quality. But still, this sure is one helluva FREAKING AWESOME trailer!!!
Heath Ledger just kicks butt as the Joker! It sure is so damn dark (not the footage, but the act)! Joker, in Mr Ledger’s words is

a “psychopathic, mass-murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy”

and, he sure does look the part. His chilling laughter! Shit man! And all that “Why so Serious” dialogue! Take my word for it,

People who have seen The Dark Knight Prologue (6 minutes of footage shot in IMAX format which shows Joker’s first bank robbery. Already out in every damn country except our beloved India), say that he really excels in the part, and that everyone should be set for something really very different from Jack Nicholson’s portrayal (in Tim Burton’s Batman)-the humour is very dark and the Joker really is (quoting Mr Ledger)

a “psychopathic, mass-murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy”.

Aargh!!! Why are the days so long! Can’t wait for July 18, 2008!

Let’s put a smile on that face of yours!

My advice to people who don’t like Batman: just go and watch this movie. It’ll blow you away! It’s gonna be one helluva ride. If after watching this, you still don’t like Batman, you are a damn flibbertigibbet.


  1. rach

    December 15, 2007

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    @gq: watch the damn movie first, and then comment on it! It’s gonna be one helluva ride (as I mentioned earlier, in my post)!!!

  2. GQ

    December 15, 2007

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    @Rach: Weird to hear YOU talking of watching a movie first before commenting on it, because that’s something you rarely do. :P What makes YOU think it’ll be good before YOU have seen it anyway? :P And if I’m not wrong, you said that for Batman Begins and Da Vinci Code too. Both suck. :P

  3. rach

    December 15, 2007

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    No they don’t suck! They are good movies. It’s just that block heads like you don’t see it that way!
    Anyway, I’ve seen more of The Dark Knight than you have, and am in a better position than you to pass a judgement.

    And yeah, me talking about watching a movie before commenting on it is a bit weird. But then, I’ve gone bonkers today (studies finally catching up with me!).

  4. GQ

    December 15, 2007

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    @Rach: What you need, Rach, is a LOT of rest. :P You’re off the rocker.

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