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By on Feb 7, 2008 in Tech Takes | 3 comments

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Yeah, I was using Windows Vista recently. Fear not, all ye penguin brethren, I’ve not turned over to the Dark Side of the Force. I was just testing my computer project on my dad’s laptop.

So here I was, playing with the Devil’s Instrument, and I tried renaming a file. To my utter astonishment, up popped a dialog box, the sort you get when transferring files, which said ‘Calculating time remaining to rename file‘! Time remaining to rename a file! WTF!!!

I was a bit too dazed to react, so no, I couldn’t reach for the print screen button before it went away, a few seconds later. But this is RICH – calculating time remaining to rename a file.

I told this to Arjun in an IM chat (using Pidgin, on Yahoo!, if you must know)…

(09:58:16 PM) Ankur Banerjee: btw, I was using vista one day
(09:58:20 PM) phoenixarjun: :O
(09:58:23 PM) phoenixarjun: omai gawd
(09:58:37 PM) phoenixarjun: that should be on computer symposiums : “greatquizzard: btw, I was using vista one day”
(09:59:07 PM) phoenixarjun: i’ll even digg it
(09:59:12 PM) Ankur Banerjee: lol
(09:59:14 PM) phoenixarjun: LOL
(09:59:22 PM) phoenixarjun: rofl

Big surprise for the poor fella. Hope he didn’t pop a vessel or anything amidst the excitement.


  1. Arjun

    February 8, 2008

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    the last laugh was a good 8 minutes after the talk, on some other issue, and should be removed. i’m not a laughing lunatic.

  2. GQ

    February 10, 2008

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    @Arjun: Eh? EIGHT minutes later? Look at the timestamp dude, it certainly wasn’t. :P So I guess the cause for mirth WAS what’s here, innit? Or was it for the renaming thingy? Oh well…

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