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By on Mar 21, 2008 in On A Whim | 6 comments

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Maths… Incremented. That’s what it was. Not a thing this board paper had, to throw at me. You know, I actually feel angry. I have been burning my backside off for months on this subject, and what I am asked is:

f(x)= x+7
g(x)= x-7
What is (fog)(7)?

Problem is, These CBSE people don’t have their priorities right. Just like all the HOTS questions from Maths, (and maybe English too..) seemed to have their presence felt in the Physics Paper. Screwed up a 1 marker though. And maybe forgot to change the limits in a question. I guess 96-97 is on the cards. Not Bad. I give myself a pat on the back. The Physics blunder has been made up for.
Signing off.


  1. Abhishek Nandakumar

    March 22, 2008

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    The paper did not have anything to throw at you. I just hope your results aren’t surprising as well, like they were in my case.

    I got a 57 in English.

  2. Rahul Bhatnagar

    March 23, 2008

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    i saw people complaining in
    |a+ib -c+id|
    |c+id a-ib|

    i guess they just see HOTS everywhere.

  3. eeshu

    March 23, 2008

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    @abhishek: Fingers crossed….
    @rahul: Couldn’t have been easier. I don’t know complex nos. but all one needed to know was i=-1^(1/2). Maybe people got flustered. Can’t be anything else.

  4. Ankur

    March 23, 2008

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    And why is everyone seeing HOTS questions everywhere, even when they WEREN’T really there in physics.

  5. anuj

    March 28, 2008

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    @Ankur: Call it the HOTS fever if you will but it’s just plain hype nothing else, I have the board sample papers booklet which I purchased a long time back and it has written in it in bold about the fact that there will be “HOTS” questions in the paper, so why the hell was everyone screwing everyone else up for them?

    Moreover, I didn’t see any HOT questions at all in all of the papers I have given, all of them were from the frikkin’ book.

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