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Electric ARC #*42*: En Tee You – Part Deux

By on Mar 29, 2008 in Personal | 6 comments

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I just f**king ossum (possum)! I was quite dejected, on having my NTU application rejected; really really dejected. However, I did file an appeal with NTU to reconsider my application. They replied back – that applications for the NTU Entrance Exam were chosen on the basis of class 10th marks, as class 12th marks are not available. So my fluke that it was my English marks which caused the problem, was, in fact, correct – because everything other that that was above 95 (although S Sc was 93).

Oh well, I wrote back, requested more – said that the Boards were not a good barometer of my English performance (true) – and today, I got a mail saying my application was been accepted! :D I didn’t get the Delhi center though; will have to go to their Bangalore exam center. Will be quite a dash, to have exams there on 16-17 April, then jet back for VIT on 19th. Hectic. Fun. Another shot at 42 Nanyang Avenue. As Rach put it:

A semi-holiday right in the middle of all the exams

…except that it won’t be. Had deleted all NTU papers etc out of disgust, will need to hunt them all down again. Was actually not thinking about doing much after The 600 Mirrors Project – but now I’ve work my arse off for this.

PS – This post, of all the ones, HAD TO BE the 42th one under the Electric ARC series. Nope, I didn’t bump off a post off my archive to give this one 42. :p


  1. Abhishek

    April 1, 2008

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    Finally those pesky ads in your blogger template have been sidelined. Good template choice.

    Check out Prateek Rungta’s LinkedList plugin when you find the time.

  2. Ankur

    April 1, 2008

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    The pesky ads ain’t gone, but they’re really integrating well with the feel of the site, aren’t they? ;)

    I saw LinkedList…not that interested in it.

  3. Agrim

    April 2, 2008

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    Back to 42 eh?
    Hope you clear the thing.
    PS: I really miss the ‘Fop’ intro page…

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