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Desperate To Sell

By on May 17, 2009 in Uncategorized | 7 comments

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Buy 2 Get 7 Free

* Not Photoshopped or The Gimp'd

Ha! BOGO stands nowhere in front of this. I took this photo today when I was roaming around in Karol Bagh. One thing is for sure – these guys are so desperate to get rid of their goods that I’m never going to buy from this place if I ever have. Bruce Willis most definitely wasn’t wearing TNG Station cargos when he jumped off that F-35 in Die Hard 4.0. I came across a similar offer at a store when I had gone to Bangalore once; can’t recollect whether it was TNG. I couldn’t click a photo back then, so Providence decided to be kind to me and present another opportunity to make fun of such stores.

Originally posted on my photo gallery.


  1. Vishesh

    May 18, 2009

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    aargh! Now, that’s called “marketing style”. They expect most people to be unlike you (read: not so pessimistic) and thus run such offers. What actually happens, is that like, one shirt costs (MRP) some 3 thousand bucks, and they say individually the shirt’s 80% cheaper (another individually mad sounding thing), but when you buy seven, you only have to pay for the mrp of 2. I did happen to buy some stuff with that offer, hence I underwent the extensive explanation of this offer. :)

      • Vishesh

        May 19, 2009

        nup. I actually bought some stuff. It ain’t about a profit margin. A shirt’s supposed to cost say, 6 hundred rupees. They affix a price tag of, like 2 thousand rupees. They say individually, you get the shirt at a 70% discount! And when you buy 7 shirts, you have to only pay by the MRPs of the costliest two shirts you picked up. So wherein individually you would’ve got the shirts in 4200 bucks, if all 7 of them were 6 hundred each, but by the MRPs, you need to pay 400 bucks. See that – its a very attractive sounding, very cleverly concealed scheme. It is after all, a very well framed conspiracy! :)

      • Ankur

        May 19, 2009

        Man. So I’m totally get ripped off when I buy at such prices from non ‘buy 2 get 7’ stores. :|

    • Ankur

      May 19, 2009

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      I don’t really get how they run these ‘buy 2 get 11 / 7’ schemes. BOGO is OK, but if they can afford to give away 7 / 11 then the profit margin these stores have must be HUGE!

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