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Mahaquizzer 2009…coming soon

By on May 18, 2009 in Personal | 3 comments

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Karnataka Quiz Association’s annual quiz Mahaquizzer 2009 is going to be held on 24th May 2009. More details are available here. Mahaquizzer 2009 Delhi venue is at IIT Delhi. You are advised to register beforhand for the quiz, details for which are mentioned in the same link – by sending an email to KQA. Once you’ve done that, check the list of participants at Mahaquizzer 2009 to see if your registration is confirmed; you will not be sent a confirmation by email. Hope to meet some of you other quizzers there!


  1. chirag

    May 18, 2009

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    can’t believe there are more quizzing enthusiasts Guhawati than capital city Delhi!


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