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A Beginner’s Guide To Twitter : Part 2

By on Jul 28, 2009 in Tech Takes | 0 comments

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Originally posted at Youthpad.

I recently did a post titled A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter : Part 1 in which I mentioned the basics of ‘tweeting’. Hopefully, you’ve had some time now to check out Twitter and give it a go. Or you were already on Twitter, and some terms confused you. This post is intended to go beyond the basics of tweeting and get you acquainted with a few other ‘advanced’ features of Twitter. There isn’t much ‘advanced’ you can go in service which allows you to enter 140 characters of plaintext, but each community has its own quirks.

Those are the major terms you might not be aware of as a newbie to Twitter. I plan to do at least one more post in this series, on software and web apps for using Twitter. Do give your feedback on aspects of Twitter you want to know more about or terms you don’t understand; in case I’ve missed something significant I’ll do a fourth part in this series.

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