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Problems with Blogger editor?

By on Sep 14, 2005 in Tech Takes | 0 comments

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Has anyone noticed that there are certain bugs in the Blogger editor? Of course you have! Ever noticed that if you format text after typing in something, and then go on to type something else, the same formatting persists. Maybe because the editor is too simplistic, only designed to add, and then close the HTML tags required (I know, it’s becoming a bit jargonish, but hey, it’s required!). Comparatively, the Yahoo! Color and Graphics editor in Yahoo! Mail (web version), even the Gmail advanced editor (from Google’s own stable) are better. My guess is that in trying to make Blogger compatible across more browsers, the developers designed a simple editor. Why not follow the example of Yahoo! Mail and Gmail (remember, Google owns Blogger) in having an advanced editor for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Safari (O.K., Yahoo! doesn’t support others except IE in advanced mode) and a simple (bug prone) editor like this one. After all, the majority is still stuck with IE.

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