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HelpOnThe.Net: Tech Support Guy – free help for Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, 98, and more!

HelpOnThe.Net: Tech Support Guy – free help for Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, 98, and more!

Ever happened that you had some problem with your computer and felt like you needed some tech geek to sort your problems out? This website, Tech Support Guy, is the answer to your problem. Many times, your company (software or hardware) will charge you for support or send you to useless ‘help’ pages. Also, when you actually get through to them, most generally send an email telling you to reinstall your program, besides other trash. Most even add the user to mailing lists, so you can say goodbye to that precious storage space thanks to their ‘special offers’ (although you can opt out from most).

Anyway, on this website, you have loads of forums where you can post your problem and get some sensible solutions to your problems. Anybody can go through the posts, but to put up your own you need to register. Registration is easy and the privacy policy is also OK. I never received spam from them, and it has a very lively user community; they even sent me birthday wishes on my birthday!

After you post your query, other users send in replies. In your preferences, you can enable alerts so that it sends a notification email when someone comments on your post. Most suggesstions are VERY useful, although you do need to keep in mind that this is just what other tech geeks say, it may not work ALWAYS. Also, do use your common sense before following an advice.

Apart from these forums, there are polls, discussions, etc. going on always. You can even subscribe to newsletters. Do check out the discussion forums, they have pretty lively debates!

Happy surfing!

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