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Celebrating 100 visitors! – Switching over to Bravenet

Yes, my blog has finally reached that important milestone. On 1 November 2005, my blog had a total of 100 unique visitors, and far many more actual page views. Thanks to all you folks, my visitors for helping me to reach this stage.
So, on this occasion, I thought I will give you people even MORE by adding new services from

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: This new service will tell you about all the historical events that happened on this day.

NEWS HEADLINES: All the top news headlines from the world of science and technology.

DAILY CARTOON: Feeling down and out? Click on the ‘Daily Cartoon’ button for a few laughs.

TELL-A-FRIEND: Recommend my blog to your friends, click on the ‘Tell-A-Friend’ button.

GUESTBOOK: My guestbook reloaded, literally. Remember the plain vanilla old one? Well, now that’s gone. Instead, visit my new Guestbook, with a Matrix theme. Have your say!

Also, my site has a brand new hit counter, with a cool new design.

In my endeavour to spread the word about this blog, it has been included in the Bravenet Traffic Exchange program. So the popup that you get on loading this site is a website refferal. Please allow it to load so that I can keep on providing excellent content.

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