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How to download Google Web Accelerator Beta

Google Web Accelerator Beta (External Link)

But before I tell you how to download the Google Web Accelerator Beta, let me tell you what it is about. Google Web Accelerator is a free program which is being tested by Google right now (thus the ‘beta’ tag) to speed up the loading time of web pages by storing, prefetching or compressing them. Now that may sound pretty exciting to narrowband and dial-up users, but unfortunately, as Google says, it’s basically for broadband users (why would they need it anyway?). It does this by routing information through Google’s servers, so there are some privacy implications that you may want to check out in its privacy policy.
Some people may think that they can no longer download the program (as it says on the program’s home page) but it is not so. Using the link at the start of this post, go to the program’s own page. Click on the ‘Learn more’ link that appears on the page. It will take you to an FAQ page. On the sidebar of that page click on the ‘Download…’ link that appears at the top. It will take you to page that looks similar to the home page but with one crucial difference – instead of an apologetic message about ‘not being able to take more testers’ you get a download now link. Download the setup program and get ready for some FAST browsing.

I am not responsible if you get into trouble by doing this!

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