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Video iPod

Apple , the celebrated name in the portable music mania tried some more creativity and introdeuced Video iPod in the market . Its for the geeks who enjoy video along with the song.
Right now it is available in two variants : 30 GB and 60 GB . Its more sleek , cooler than the older
20 GB versions and has a vibrant 2.5 inch LCD display .
All you need is only Rs 14,000 for 30 GB model and an additional 4000 bucks if you want the model of double its capacity .
Sorry , couldn’t provide a screenshot .
Trying hard to get my hands on one :-)
(Siddharth Razdan)

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By the way, if any visitor has some spare cash/extra Video iPod/good contacts with Steve Jobs/personal robbery agency or international smuggling racket/etc./etc. get in contact with me IMMEDIATELY. I will thanl you profusely by disappearing into
oblivion and not writing any posts for some time while listening to music on my

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