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Launching the new Great Quizzard Toolbar!

Click Here to Download the Great Quizzard Toolbar!

Yes, I have just created my own toolbar, the Great Quizzard Toolbar, which works with both Internet Explorer AND Mozilla Firefox, and it’s completely FREE. NO spyware or adware or any malicious viruses, and no personal information is required. It’s feature packed, with a Google Search box, pop-up blocker, privacy manger, useful links (reference, news, tech, software, science, and LOTS MORE) and live news ticker. It also has its own chatroom, exclusively for its users. What’s more, you get updated feeds from my blog and the toolbar has its own message box for important announcements.
You can even customise the toolbar and add your own buttons. Isn’t that great?
So what ARE you waiting for? Download NOW and redefine your browsing experience!

1 reply on “Launching the new Great Quizzard Toolbar!”

As of now, my toolbar won’t be updated a lot until the hosting company allows editing via Mozilla Firefox. Basically, I won’t be updating the links, but you’ll still have automated updates from the hosting company.

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