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World-Space Satellite Radio

By on Dec 3, 2005 in On A Whim | 5 comments

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Very recently , I brought home a World-Space satellite Radio . And for that I had to shell out Rs 2000 for the model Diva and a three-month silver subscription . It is a nice machine with many features that the normal radio can’t offer .

This radio works on the beams transmitted by the Asia-Star and Afri-Star satellites which covers about 80% of the whole of our planet . Offering over 40 channels with crystal clear voice this radio is worth its cost .The songs that this radio plays are full (unlike FM) and and ads free (again unlike FM) . So you can enjoy each and every moment when this radio is on .

But this radio has serious disadvantages too . First of all this radio recieves the signal only when it is facing any of the two satellites directly . No obstacles in between (except the clouds , of course ) . Even if you place your hands in between , the music stops . So the antenna has always to be outside the home . But this isn’t of much worry as the antenna supplied with it is weather-proof .
And second flaw is that this radio requires a subscription which is sky high i.e. Rs 1100 for one year for silver subscription and Rs 2700 more for the Gold one . Without this this radio transmits absolutely rubbish channels which are of no use .
Thirdly , it does not support 5.1 channel sound . So , you have to be satisfied with the 2.1 channel sound like I am :-)

Otherwise , it is a sexy master-piece .

(Siddharth Razdan)


  1. Siddharth Razdan

    December 4, 2005

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    “Gold” subscription offers more stations than the “Silver” subscription . Although the difference between the no of stations is not much (about 6-7) but it charges a mammoth 2700 bucks more . Huh .

  2. Great Quizzard

    December 6, 2005

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    WorldSpace seems to be out of its mind to charge this much for radio, commercial-free or not!

  3. Prakash Dave

    November 24, 2009

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    World Space Radio from Bangalore is a cheater company. They are having a huge stock of old, poor quality radio sets.These sets are more than 3-4 years old and as the company was unable to sell the sets even during this period,now they are “OBLIGING” the customers highly by dumping these sets @1999/-Rs. Sets are like a lottery, if works, then it works otherwise you start crying at closed doors of the Worst Space.Victims like me start finding places like this to write complaints if angry but those people are totally shameless so wouldn’t be bothered at all !! If you are also a victim of this company please call me on mo-09825043751 or mail – [email protected]

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