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Some Advices for Great Quizzard

By on Dec 7, 2005 in On A Whim | 6 comments

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1) The mistake you are commiting is that you are not doing enough to keep the visitors interested in this blog . For example you are not updating your blog regularly . Although I understand that it is my duty too , but you should understand that it is YOUR blog . I cant be that much commited to your blog as you can yourself be . So , do some extra effort and try finding more articles which could be posted there . The number should be at least 1 post per day and I give you that much guarantee that after your every post , mine post will follow and then what is expected is that a writing from Leonhart Rocky should follow . This is for your good yaar .

2) Include some of the useful members in your blog which have enough quizzing talent and above all interested in this blog . Who is this Leonhart Rocky ? By writing these “welcome“ posts he is discouraging visitors from your blog . If you want , then I have some people in my mind which are up-to-date in their General Knowledge (a must have for quizzers).

3) Everytime I open your blog , a page namely bravenet crop up . Ridiculous . Remove that .

4) You wrote that you have won many a prizes . Make your presense felt . Pen down your achievements here .

5) Inform readers of your blog about some upcoming event like a quiz contest .

6) People love and appreciate humour . Include some hilarious statements in your posts .

7) The punch of your blog i.e. the main content are starting very late in the blog . Remember , first impression is the last impression . Shift advertisments to the lower end of the blog.

8) If possible , withdraw from the various advertisments programmes . Make your blog revenue-free .

9) Have a linear list of the contributors of this blog . Right now , it seems like a comic-book type . Pardon me for the comparison ;-)

A long but a very ideological post . These things you should always keep in mind . And I am sorry Leonhart Rocky for whatever I have written . Hope you ignore all the *objectionable* content and concentrate on the focal point of this post .

(Siddharth Razdan)


  1. Great Quizzard

    December 8, 2005

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    Talk about washing ‘dirty linen’ in public!

    1) I don’t believe in keeping on writing trash. I believe that content in a blog should be well-researched and only then should it be published. You know that I’m in class X, I can’t find the time always to do this. Thus my philosophy is 1-2 GOOD posts a week, till I get the proper time.

    2) I have invited some other quizzers to join, their invitation is still open. As for Rocky Leonhart, he went with me for Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest; we came first in the Delhi region rounds and third on TV. I plan to write about CBQC, but on its 2nd anniversary in Feb 2006, not now (REASON for posting, again). BTW, you are always free to send the names of prospective authors for this blog.

    3) It is due to Bravenet Traffic Exchange Program that this blog is getting higher readers now. I plan to remove it as soon as I reach a threshold viewership. I you hate popups then you can download Firefox or my toolbar.

    4) Refer to point 2. Also, I’ll write about the INTEL Science Quiz In Jan after participating. Actually, the ‘quizzing season’ is Aug-Oct, and at that time I was aiming for more tech stories.

    5) Right, point will be noted.

    6) Right, point will be noted.

    7) Removed my avatar and today-in-history.

    8) It isn’t earning anything anyway!

    9) The Blogger template I’m using publishes it this way. Otherwise, I’d have to manually update everytime (I may not know a person’s Blogger ID) and over that it would be copyright violation.

    Hope you don’t assume this to be a war! I know that you have written for this blog’s progress. Point to be noted – none of the blogs you are part of publishes daily :)

    Actually, when someone publishes daily, it becomes a drag after sometime as you would run out of ideas AND content.

  2. Siddharth Razdan

    December 9, 2005

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    365 days , 224 posts -> Thats the status of my “DynamixNotes Blog” .
    And yes of course , this is not a war :-)

    One advice that I forgot to give you – Remove word verification from your blog . Even if you get one spam comment in three months , it doesn’t matter .

    Note : By linear list of contributors , I meant , no statements like “Now featuring Siddharth Razdan and Fuzzy Logic”

  3. Great Quizzard

    December 10, 2005

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    Well, linear list has been replaced. As for word verification, we seriously need it. In the beginning I started getting 2 spam comments per post, so I turned on word verification. Also, they add HTML code to ‘hijack’ the page, i.e., it automatically diverts the page to some other site on clicking some profile links.
    I have some quizzes coming up; told you about INTEL, I also have Heritage India, FAPS and NRM. More on these later.
    Say, I was thinking something – why don’t I post on Fri/Sat and you post on Tue/Wed. That way, we’ll have a steady stream of posts. Remember, only good posts, it’s not an obligation and readers won’t die if they don’t read something for a week. That way, we’ll also be able to post comments (only if there is something significant to add; not ‘OK’ and ‘Good’ kind).
    Comment on these within this post.

  4. Siddharth Razdan

    December 10, 2005

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    Dont be in that much hurry dude .Before finalising , consult the other two members also and then accordingly divide the days .

  5. Great Quizzard

    December 10, 2005

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    Look, Fuzzy works so can’t contirbute; he will when he gets time. Rockie will be called in for comic relief, he’s good at that. I’m talking about CORE content, on quizzing and tech, which we will provide. We need not stick religiously to this schedule, skip the weekly post if you can’t think up anything.
    Also, you said about suggesting other members. Tell me about them, I’ll send invites.

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