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Ru[I]ned Up

By on Dec 24, 2005 in On A Whim | 4 comments

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The words of darkness
transferred the earth
into a world less
good than merth
though the times were
when al evil was ascrew
and in the castle dungeons there
did all the demons brew
they stood united under a single lord
who was protected by his great seal
who naught thought himself less than a olympian god
though he was nought by a good deal
the morale of the people was a bit low
and out in the woods was gods child born
an on his head a halo did glow
he drinked milk out of a wild goats horn
dont worry cuz this aint no poem bout victory of good over evil
beleive me cuz this time its gonna be the devil
the child grew old and the devil grew strong
and bout the child the devil was not wrong
and not after long did in the battlefield they meet
after the war the child was lying on the devils feet
he won the war and stole the throne
and in all these years was not a single seed sown
the chest of darkness was opened on this earth
and over it was muttered the dark magical words
the peasants and people had to nothing but starve
and in the fields grew nothing but turf
the world was eloped in a cover of darkness
and the human race died out in nothingness
would you like to be in this kind of a world
and let yourself be ever so mulled
so why were you bored with the victory of good over evil
whwn you cant live in a world ruled by the devil


  1. Great Quizzard

    December 26, 2005

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    Rockie, ever heard of something called a spell-checker? No offence meant.

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